TA:Mod project closed - 05/01/2005 - Hitman Neverlose 

Tonight I finally got around to updating the site. Unfortunately I have to inform that TA:Mod hasn't been worked on ever since the last update, and now that I no longer have the time to work on it, the project is officially closed. I had fun, I hope you people did too, with the one little release of TA:Mod. Check the main news for a more detailed report on my activity.


Yet again - 11/08/2003 - Hitman Neverlose 

Two months, no updates, no progress. Looks like my interest ended here. It's become a habit for me to be back couple of times every year, make something new and then disappear again. So, it is very possible that the project will be resumed sometime next year, but until then, I'm still accepting all TA:Mod and _UU_ related email, so keep 'em coming if you have anything to say.

Until next time, be seeing ya.


News (what else?) - 09/06/2003 - Hitman Neverlose 

I'm alive, don't worry. I was being a little lazy for couple of weeks, but hopefully I'm returning normal service again soon. Yesterday I fixed the problematic script of MI's upcoming Close Combat Robot (see the list of upcoming units at the forum under topic Release 2 Situation (updated)). It was crashing way too often to warrant a stable game. However, upon changing couple of lines of the script code, there have been no crashes since. In addition to the Close Combat Robot (which btw has two different weapon models, and what the unit gets is randomized upon construction), also Machinegun Robot, and Scrap Factory are quite much ready. The textures and details are open for suggestions, and I'm not quite happy with the Scrap Factory texturing, so let me know what you think. Below are pictures of the new units.

From left to right (Scrap Factory, Machinegun Robot, Close Combat Robot (with saw), Close Combat Robot (with spikes))

PKF unit previews - 08/21/2003 - Hitman Neverlose 

You know me, I should be working on the missing MI and TW units but I just can't resist trying out what the units I've planned for PKF will look like. So here you go, two examples of PKF's arsenal.

In general, PKF's unit list consists of rather standard military equipment. PKF is quite mobile faction, as an example, they don't have a stationary radar, but instead a Radar Van and AWACS plane. Their main constructor is an aircraft, slow and quite heavy. Many of their units have contributed from armor to speed, so their units aren't exactly heavily armored, but the weaponry is on par with all other factions.

 PKF Combat Tank
Lightest tank in PKF's arsenal. Standard support tank from Earth.

 PKF Rocket Launcher
Fires slightly guided but rather slow rockets in bursts of 2-4 (haven't decided yet)

I have also added PKF's page to the menu above. It doesn't contain anything yet, but it will be updated as I go and decide on things to come. Until then, I'm open for YOUR suggestions.


Situation and a new picture  - 08/18/2003 - Hitman Neverlose

Seems like everything went pretty well. Ive only received minor problem reports with the first release. Now, I would like to get some feedback on the contents of TA:Mod. How the units look, did you like or hate some unit(s) in particular, what you would change if you could, stuff like these. Use the forum or mail me directly with your comments and questions.

I'm not exactly hard at work with new units or anything, but I did work on something that might get included in the next release. It seems like the story I explained with the release has made some people think that there would be missions included for the TC. The truth is, there is none in the first release, but I am very seriously considering short campaigns for both TW and MI for the next release. There will be more missions for both when PKF arrives, that marks also the beginning on PKF's campaign, and same will happen with NT when it comes out. I have not really looked well into making missions, so I don't know how multiple factions may affect settings, but for now, this is what is being planned.

A little evidence of my interest in making missions. Each side will have a mission where they either assault or defend their original colony ship. The unit on the right is first version of MI's colony ship. The colony ship isn't mobile, but it may have weapons or other functioning equipment to aid in the mission. Otherwise they're mission specific units.

THE DAY HAS COME  - 08/16/2003 - Hitman Neverlose

TA:MOD - Battle For Paradise R1 RELEASED!

I have been trying to arrange some multiplayer test games, but it seems like there aren't that many people that could communicate through IRC for easy game arranging. I think I shouldn't delay this anymore. TA:MOD release 1 is now public!

Quick Explanation

TA:Mod - Battle For Paradise, is a Total Conversion (TC) for Total Annihilation. It replaces Arm and Core with new factions, and in future is supposed to have two more factions to play with. This first release has units for Moon Industries and Technowizards, which are the first factions to be included. This release doesn't have all of their units, but around 70%. There is a story too, which of everything I have thought by myself. In other words this TC is unique in the way it doesn't copy any existing design, but is science fiction of its own kind. TA:Mod plays slower than normal TA, making units more controllable, and high unit costs give the units more strategical value.


The Story (Shortly) So Far

Year is 22XX. Earth discovers a new colonizable planet, and names it Eden. Travelling to Eden is possible, but requires a lot of resources. The first faction to set sail on the new planet is Moon Industries (MI). Their aim: to collect natural resources, and build factories on the planet. Right after MI, Earth's leading scientific personnel form a group to investigate the new planet. A number of years pass and MI has established a lot of activity on Eden, while the scientific group struggles to keep their share of land in their hands. MI makes its first aggressive move by taking a piece of scientifically important land and clearing it for industrial activity. Scientists threaten to sue MI for trespassing their lands without a permit. MI thinks big of itself and sabotages the scientists' activity even further. Scientists make their move. They resign from Earth's authority and take action against MI. Thus, the group of Technowizards (TW) is born. TW uses its scientific abilities and counterattacks against MI's industrial machinery. MI has moved most of its activity to the new planet, so they follow TW. They are no longer part of Earth, but an empire of their own. MI with the power of industrial machinery continues to battle against TW's scientific power.


The Story (Shortly) To Come

After TW and MI have battled for too long, Earth decides to send a military group, PeaceKeeping Forces (PKF) to the planet to set peace. MI's and TW's forces have been underestimated and PKF can barely hold its own grounds. The battle continues for years, while a lot of the planet gets wasted and personnel replaced by war machinery. Earth's citizens watch, and decide to react. Another group of scientists expertizing in biology and psychology establish a research base away from the battle zone. They gain the power of alien artifacts and run on the purpose to keep the planet's nature safe. Therefore, they are named the Nature Tech (NT). Their weak resources but advanced technology are supposed to be the key to stop the war, but everything gets out of control as PKF accidentally attacks NT's group mistaking it as TW's convoy. There is no trust between any of the factions. Earth is powerless against the mighty arsenals of Eden's habitants. They can only watch, and hope the war comes to a peaceful end.


What is included in the TC so far

-2 factions to play with, Moon Industries and Technowizards
-68 new units, with only custom weapons.
-3 new maps
-Custom AI profiles for the new maps
-New frontend background for the main menu


What is planned for the next release

-Rest of MI's and TW's units. (MI gets shipyard, ships, scrap factory and scrap units. TW gets drone plant, drones and more alien tech units.)
-More menu backgrounds
-More new maps

Work on PKF will start after MI and TW have been finished. NT comes after or simultaneously with PKF, depending on the time required for developement.



TA:MOD main installation file: DOWNLOAD HERE (1.16 MB)

TA:MOD requires features from TA:CC. If you don't have TA:CC, you must download a special TA:CC feature pack below:

TA:MOD - TA:CC feature pack for people without TA:CC: DOWNLOAD HERE (1.20 MB)

TA:MOD - MAP 1 - Position Battle (lusch tileset, for 4+ players) (3.70 MB)
TA:MOD - MAP 2 - Zeta Region (green tileset, for 2-5 players)
(1.99 MB)
TA:MOD - MAP 3 - Scattered Fortune (green hilly tileset, for small team games)
(3.62 MB)


Installation Instructions

1. Make a new TA installation. (If you have TA:CC, install it as well)
2. Patch it to version 3.1
3. Install TA:Mod to the same folder where Totala.exe is located. The install program should create some .ufo files and some subfolders with files required by TA:Mod to the specified location. Make sure you set the right directory.
4. If you don't have TA:CC, install the TA:Mod TA:CC feature pack
5. Install any TA:Mod maps you want to use. Normal TA maps should work as well, but the AI isn't customized for them, so it may act weirdly.

6. To uninstall TA:Mod, run the uninstall.exe that should've been created by the install program. If you don't have it, or it doesn't work, feel free to contact us for help with uninstalling manually.


Playing tips

- The more resources you start with, the less easier it is for the AI to have problems starting up its base. 5000 metal and energy is a quite optimal setting.
- Learn the values of units. Radars may not do much, but they're expensive, especially for Moon Industries. Destroying TW's energy producing facilities is also an important part of a succesful MI assault.
- Play the game like you play TA normally. Expand as fast as possible and produce a lot of metal and energy. Just watch the building costs, they're quite a bit higher compared to normal TA units.

For any questiond or feedback, use the forums or send email to Hitman Neverlose (vivuori@uusikaupunki.fi)


Getting closer  - 07/24/2003 - Hitman Neverlose

Those that keep an eye on the forums already know that the first release of TA:Mod is getting closer. As of now, there's only one unit to be done, and couple to be modified, after that some testing, a little more testing, and... it's time for the release. If you're interested, I posted couple of screenshots of the TW Alien Tech Center at the forums, so now you know where to find 'em. It is very possible that the next time I update this page is the release date, so if you're keen on knowing the exact time, keep checking the forums. I can't stress it enough, the forum is the place to read my daily progress, I suggest you bookmark it, and, of course, participate in the discussion as well. :)

The unit lists for both MI and TW are now up to date with the missing thingies listed.


Announcement  - 07/08/2003 - Hitman Neverlose

I will most probably not update this page a lot before the first release. Instead of that, I will daily post the progress at the forums, where everyone can also participate in the discussion about TA:Mod. I would really appreciate any kind of feedback and constructive criticism before the first release.

I do have something to show you this time. The two maps that I currently have planned to be included in the release. Both have their own AI profile and I'm still working on perfecting them. Click on the pic to see a bit bigger version:

Position Battle
4-8 players
Zeta Region
2-5 players

These, and maybe more in the first release.

Hope to see you at the forums. In any case, stay tuned.


Slowly Progressing  - 07/02/2003 - Hitman Neverlose

Well, today I'm presenting two units that are almost complete. I'm always making the build pictures last so I'm sure you can already guess what they're missing. ;)

The Gun Car is the cheapest armed unit in Technowizards' arsenal. In addition to being a wheeled unit, it also uses old Earth weaponry, although, a tad bit customized. The weapons were originally armor piercing type, very expensive and delicate equipment, but the masterminds at Technowizards turned them into light cannons carrying explosive, easily reproducable ammunition. The weapons pretty much equal Moon Industries' Heavy Machineguns in efficiency. Lightly armored, but fast, the Gun Car may become essential part of your early harrasment squads.
Hover Minelayer does exactly what the name says. It can build the Standard Issue Mine and the upcoming EMP Mine. Although serving no other purpose, the hover ability grants it certain freedoms at creating minefields beyond watery areas.

I'm still planning whether this unit will have a weapon to disable mines or do I give the ability to some other unit.

And... as a bonus, I just made this little piece of concept art. I'm still planning on the unit itself, but it's gonna look a bit like this at least, so... click on it. ;)

That's it for this update. Stay tuned.


Very small update  - 06/12/2003 - Hitman Neverlose

Added the pictures of Standard Issue Mine, Trap Constructor, Air Tower and Plasma Artillery to the unitlists.


Mine laying goodies  - 06/11/2003 - Hitman Neverlose

Inspired by the talk at the forums, I decided to go for the mine related units and equipment. Currently the first version under testing is Moon Industries' Trap Constructor (3dobuilder picture on the right) and the Standard Issue Mine, which is available to every faction. The Trap Constructor is also equipped with a very light machinegun, "for annoyance rather than firepower". It's a wheeled unit, so it's fast, but also light, just little below Light Attack Vehicle's armor.

In addition to the Standard Issue Mine, each side will have a special mine:

Moon Industries: Spike Trap
Not exactly a mine, but a trap against wheeled units. The damage is very low to any armored units, but wheeled units will receive high damage, maybe even instantly killing the unit.

Technowizards: EMP Mine
Upon explosion emits a large area EMP pulse, equivalent to the effects of the shock weaponry. These will have high energy requirements, so they're not to be built in large numbers.

PeaceKeeping Forces: HE Precision Mine
Heavy damage to any unit. These are expensive, more effective versions of the Standard Issue Mine.

For Nature Tech, I plan nothing yet. Currently I have only the three first sides under development. Initial Release will have the two first factions, without any infantry, but the next releases will have more toys to play with, hopefully even some PKF goodness.

Test game with the mines went rather well. AI will need some balancing so that it does build some mines around, but not too many. I will be experimenting with these in the coming weeks.


Some Progress  - 06/09/2003 - Hitman Neverlose

Now that the new site layout is up, I'm here to post a 3dobuilder screenshot of the newest unit for Technowizards. The Air Tower.

Even though I recently announced on the forums that I don't plan on creating multi-purpose units to give every unit a use, I decided that what the heck, it shouldn't be that bad to have a couple of not-so-effective multi-purpose units for each side.

Air Tower has two functions. It acts as a simple air repair pad, although the landing pad is located on top of the high tower, meaning that aircraft can land on it faster without spending valuable time on vertical landing. Next to the landing pad is the bonus of the tower, a rather short ranged light Anti-Air Missile Launcher. The efficiency of the weapon almost equals Moon Industries' AA Missile Car, except for the range, which is limited, just little over the reach of gunship attacks.

I'm seriously running out of ideas on the units here, so if you got any good visions of possible units for either Moon Industries or Technowizards (check the unitlists for missing units), use the forums, thank you. One element that I am currently planning is mines, minelayers and mine removal/anti-mine units.


A little note  - 06/02/2003 - Hitman Neverlose

I've had random errands to run lately and other things to do, so progress on the mod has been little. However, I have a new site layout almost done, so it's only a matter of time when the site gets changed to the new design. I'm not an expert with site making, so I made it very simple, yet, hopefully, a bit more pleasing to the eye. The new site will have a slightly metallic look, and will be a bit less colourful... well, at least slightly. I'm fond of this (very) old style. ;)

There's some creative discussion going on at the forums, mostly regarding the two sides that aren't started yet. I would also like ideas for the few units missing from the Moon Industries' and Technowizards' arsenal (see unit lists for missing things). So, if you're talkative type, I would be pleased to see you at the forums.

And lastly, something small I just made up, in like 15 minutes or so. 2 very small concept art pictures. Yes, I know, I can't draw well, but all games and such have concept art, so maybe that'll make the project look more serious... I hope.

Both units are just ideas, not certain to be in the mod. Click to see in full:

Yes, I know, the first one looks like a C&C Orca ripoff, but I'm planning to make it look different enough, and it won't have rockets as weapon, but two machineguns. The other one is a design that I hopefully use for at least 2 units, only with different guns. It sounds more fitting for Peacekeeping Forces to have fewer unit bases, but armed with different weaponry. Well, that side isn't even started yet, so it may change radically.

That's it for now. Expect new site layout at next update.


Here we go  - 05/29/2003 - Hitman Neverlose

I played a lovely game against the 3 AI's last night. Unfortunately it ended in a game of me playing Technowizards against an AI with Technowizards. The other two AI's having Moon Industries only made some small assaults and later on I didn't see their attack units anymore. Probably lost their main constructors in the heat of battle. I have to think of something to prevent that.

Anyway, during the test I took a pack of screenshots and handpicked 9 for your viewing pleasure. Nothing much new there, but you'll see the new units I talked in yesterday's update.

Early attack from an AI. AI's air harrasment attempts. I was able to blow up that Laser Power Plant and escape. Close call though. ;)
AI's weakness is too small attack squads. They did have plenty of them though. This passage doesn't look too safe. (And it wasn't) The blue AI keeps pressing on my dear assault force.
So there WAS another Moon Industries AI. Probably stuck or something. After this battle I had only 2 units left in the squad. Artillery and Missile Launcher. The final battle against the blue AI. That base was heavily defended. Lovely.

Now that was one of the best games against AI yet. The main constructors are too vulnerable without a weapon, so I guess I should give every unit some medium range low power weapon to protect themselves from low level surprise attacks. AI doesn't understand the strategy of escaping. Also, the map isn't exactly perfect anymore, the way I planned the game to be played... well, it doesn't happen on that one. Less obstacles, less metal, spread better, more spacy base locations. I'm gonna have to make a couple of maps for the first release it seems. Of course the TC can be played with normal TA maps, but the amount of resources is often a bit too much. The game would end in a race of 'who builds most attack units first'.

As for the Technowizards' plasma artillery, I still haven't made the build picture, but here are a couple of pics I took in 3dobuilder:

The green artillery shot you might've seen in those screenshots is not the final. It's just a temporary model for the shot, and will be at least smaller.

That's it for this update. Expect more in a few days if nothing special comes up.


New stuff  - 05/28/2003 - Hitman Neverlose

A little proof to show I'm serious. Added 3 new units to the Technowizards' Unit List. All three are pretty much complete, except for the Plasma Artillery, it's without a picture and is still under tests. I'm fond of the model though, so I doubt it's gonna take long until I can show it to you.

Also made some small fixes to other units, nothing that changes the unit lists though. 

I'm seriously planning to finish both of the two sides so I can make a first release. I can imagine all the feedback that's gonna flow in since I don't have much time and chances to playtest everything, and the AI isn't a very cooperative opponent either. ;)

For any experienced AI profilers, hang around the forum, I'll be needing some help when the AI needs to be better accustomed to the TC.


Some updated info  - 05/24/2003 - Hitman Neverlose

Ok then, as you probably read from the main page, I'm planning on returning into business with this one.

I have updated the unit lists for Moon Industries and Technowizards. Most notable changes are probably the addition of TW's gunship and the removal of MI's shipyard and ships. It is a decision I made recently. MI will have other units that can in a way or another provide the same roles as TW's hover units and (still under planning) PKF's amphibious units. Such units are air transports and heavier air to ground attack units.

Removal of the MI units leaves an opening for new unit ideas, so make a good use of the forum if you want to participate in the planning.

Over HERE is a quick list I made of MI's and TW's unit types and abilities. It shows clearly which elements are each side's qualities. It may not have all units in it as it's just a quickly wrapped up list of the equipment. For detailed information, head over to the unit list pages. Links are at the top right.

As of now, my goal for the project is to finish up MI and TW units, and see whether or not I want to continue further. The amount of the work I'm willing to put into the project is quite straight comparable to the amount of feedback I get at the forums, so if you're really looking forward to seeing this mod released, you know what to do. ;)

Do not expect anything happening fast though, I'm pretty confused at the sudden situation as well.


Small update  - 10/10/2002 - Hitman Neverlose

Whoa, it's really been 4 months from last update! Hopefully the updates get more intense again soon. For now, I just updated the pages a little. See the Moon Industries and Technowizards' unit lists, I think I added something new there somewhere. So, Moon Industries is only missing 2 units, hopefully I get to make them soon. Actually, the other unit was supposed to be a special kind of wall which I've been having problems with. See the forums for details.

Also, I decided to try out what the (possibly) upcoming PeaceKeeping Forces' units would look like, since I only had them in my head. Well, for some reason my TA refused to take screenshots in game, so here's a picture from 3dobuilder. It's propably PKF's Battle Tank:

Those that haven't been reading the story or checking the forums back when the discussion was still going on, the PKF units are mostly older Earth technology, and they have dark, mostly grey texturing on their units. The above tank is one example, I'm planning on working on the texturing a bit, but believe me, that looks a LOT better in the game.

Well, until I manage to create something worth mentioning, be seein' ya. (Hopefully at the forums too ;)


Sorry sorry  - 06/09/2002 - Hitman Neverlose

Things have been a bit slow at my end. I'll try to work on things soon, but for now, just hang in there. I let my close friend Hellraiser (he used to playtest _UU_ units) to try out the current version of the TC and he liked it, and gave some nice suggestions I might try to add later on. Below is a screenshot he took before finishing off an AI base with Technowizards. 

Keep using the forums, I'm alive there, even though I might be dead at designing units. ;)


Something little  - 05/11/2002 - Hitman Neverlose

Two more screenshots of the new TC:

All Technowizard units done so far.

Took the units from the left screenshots on a rampage.

  I have also updated the Technowizard unit list. There's been some discussion on the forums about some units, so if you've got ideas, don't hesitate to send 'em in.


Still busy  - 05/10/2002 - Hitman Neverlose

Although I have been busy, I have talked with several people on the forums and IRC about the TC's features, and it's been really helpful so thank you, keep on helping me out. Anyway, I don't have much stuff to show you really, just models and some descriptions for them, so let's get down to business:

Technowizards' Radar Tower

This radar tower is cheap to build (compared to other radars). The Moon Industries' Radar Dome will have slightly longer range, but the differences in costs are tremendous, so this radar is in no way inferior to MI's Radar Dome.

Technowizards' Laser Power Plant

Originally the second power plant of Technowizards was planned to be a dual solar panel, but since I got some feedback about changing it to something else, I accepted the idea mentioned on the forums about a laser power plant, so this is the result. The laser beams 'flicker' in game creating a bit more interesting effect. (Ok it's not that revolutionary really but...) ;)

Moon Industries' Artillery unit (Only model is done)

I noticed how weak both of the two factions, MI and TW, are in battles over ridges and hills, so I thought I'd give each side some kind of a long range artillery weapon. Moon Industries would have this artillery, and Technowizards the missile unit below.

Technowizards' Starburst Missile Launcher (Only model is done)

This model is not that great, and the texturing kinda sucks, so I'll propably make a new one, but the idea is that the missile tube would turn to face skies and would fire a traditional TA style starburst missile.

I would like feedback, especially on the the last two units, so head on to the Forums, send me mail, or meet me on IRC at irc.tauniverse.com (or quakenet) on channel #_UU_

More stuff coming up... soon enough. :)


Been busy  - 05/05/2002 - Hitman Neverlose

I haven't had much time to work on the TC, but I decided to fix up the Technowizards' unit list. Click HERE or the link above to view the page. Notice that there are a lot of things missing there, so if you have any good ideas for the undone units, or even for the ones done, visit the Forums. I also updated the Moon Industries' unit list with 2 new units, the Shipyard and Gunboat.

About the name of the TC. On the Forums I had some talk about the name of the TC. I would still like to hear suggestions for a name, but if nothing better comes up, the name will be 'Battle for Paradise' , the new planet being naturally named 'Paradise'. It copies 'Battle for Dune' a little, so I thought I'd go for a longer name and have 'Conflict: Battle for Paradise', and yet again Conflict propably came from the game Conflict: Freespace. But, does it matter? It's a name for a TC. Still...feel free to send in suggestions at the forums or by mail.

And just to let you know, if you want to contact me, the options are as follows:
mail: vivuori@uusikaupunki.fi
IRC: at Quakenet on channel #_UU_

I don't need help with the TC right now, but I gladly listen to any ideas/suggestions so let 'em rain on me. :)

Next update will be god knows when, so hang in there.


Dangit!  - 05/02/2002 - Hitman Neverlose

Looks like the beta testing might postpone a little, I just got to know that I have some important college stuff to do, although I thought I had done most already. Anyway, I'm going to be busy for a few weeks starting next week, so don't expect updates this often for a while. Also, I haven't prepared the Technowizard unit list yet either, so all I have this time is more screenshots. Maybe you're lucky to notice a new unit or two there.

Interesting situation. Three sides fighting. A nice Moon Industries battle.
A small AI attack from behind. See the Anti-Air laser turrets? :) Doing some raiding. Stealth AA Laser Tank in the middle.
 More Raiding. This group is lead by a Shock Tank. Description is in the picture. And see the Tech truck at the bottom.


More screenshots - 04/29/2002 - Hitman Neverlose

Well, seems like this is becoming a routine now. :) Today's screenshots have a bit more variety, although you won't see that many new units in them.

Resource Hungry AI Arctic Mayhem
A tiny AI attack Lots of 'em...

I should have the Technowizard unit list here next time, even though only about half of the units are done so far. But what with this speed... new unit being done almost every day, the official betatesting of both complete sides will be happening in a few weeks.

Oh, and I also added a separate page including all the screenshots released so far. See the upper right corner for the link.


Two new screenshots of the unnamed TC - 04/26/2002 - Hitman Neverlose

Here we go. Two new screenshots of some Technowizard units in action. The Technowizard units are quite big right now, so I'll tone their size down a bit later.

Let's rock. Being chased.


Now we have a good forum - 04/23/2002 - Hitman Neverlose

Of course, the forum is located at our great host TA Universe's UBB Forums.

Here's a Direct link to the _UU_ Forums.

If you have anything to ask, comment, yadda yadda, you know where to go and post. Alternatively you can still mail me as well. :)

And here's a screenshot only available on this page. :)

A small raiding party. See the Tech Lab? Cool, eh? ;)


Today's eyecandy - 04/21/2002 - Hitman Neverlose

Had plenty of time again today to work with the TC. In the screenshot below you'll see some things I've been working on. :)

Two AIs having an uneven battle.


More progress - 04/20/2002 - Hitman Neverlose

Got myself a new 19" monitor, so I've been happily working on the TC for the whole day. I don't have this much time normally, so this much work is an exception. Expect slowdowns in future. But enough bad news now, I'll give a few new screenshots to gaze at (notice how the 19" monitor made me raise the resolution up a notch ;). There are plenty more new units ready, I just don't want to reveal everything at once. ;)

Hover Rocket Launchers on a test stroll. A set of some of Technowizards' units. AI doing something really stupid. :P


Updates on the TC -
04/19/2002 -
Hitman Neverlose

Alright then, a little update. I have been rather busy with other stuff lately, but that doesn't mean there's been no progress. I have a few screenies here of some Technowizards' units. All four units are gameplay-ready, so I can already move on to the next units. Thorough balancing will be done later, so I'm trying to hurry and get the units themselves done rather soon. Stay tuned.

Medium Laser Battery

Light Laser Battery

Light Laser Battery
in game

Recon Car

Recon Car in game.
Final model is smaller.

Air to Air Fighter

I'd better also make some things clear here. I'm aiming this TC to be rather slow paced. Weapons reload rather slowly, so you'll have better control over the battle, making reatreats actually possible. Also, hit-and-run tactics will work better. Machineguns fire bursts. Some examples on reload times are machineguns 3-5 seconds for a 5 shot burst. Light cannons 6 seconds, Assault Tanks 10 seconds. Basically, the more firepower, the longer the reload time, but the damages inflicted are also a lot higher. Also, the units are quite weak in general. A few cannon shots can already kill light units. Moon Industries does sport some extremely armored structures and tanks though, but everything will be balanced in the end.

I'm working on this project alone, and for now I don't need/accept any help with units, but I might consider hiring people interested in mapping (especially new tilesets) to make the 'new planet' experience more realistic, so if you have any interest, feel free to send some mail. :)


THE LATEST PROJECT REVEALED - 04/13/2002 - Hitman Neverlose

Ok then, everyone. I'll begin the whole thing with a short story. It all began when I met Sixth, the person who made those two units released at AURA, and who is now working on his own secret project as well. I had to get all the old TA stuff out of old backup cd's for him to help him with the unitmaking. While I was browsing a cd, I noticed a bunch of models I had made once. I had to check them out and the first thing I thought to myself was "Why in the hell didn't I complete these back then?". I started working on these models, made a few of them playable and tried them in the game. I thought these units looked brilliant and a moment later I was already planning on a concept for a new mod, or like most people call it, a TC, also known as Total Conversion. I have used 3 weeks to work on these units most of my free time, and now if I'd quit, it'd feel like a waste of time. People being interested in C&C:TA and redoing Dune:TA kept me sane while I was hesitating whether to continue or quit. And, you can propably guess by now, I decided to go on with the project. And now, I'm going to reveal some information about this TC, and I hope that with a little support from the community (not meaning material, more like cheering support to keep me going) I'm sure I can create the minimum amount  (two sides/races) of stuff I have planned for this TC.


The TC doesn't even have a name yet, but the story is rather simple. At year 22XX a new earth-like planet is discovered far from our solar system. A voyage to this distant land is possible, but requires a lot of resources and funds, so only a few organizations can travel to this planet. The first to land on the planet was the Moon Industries, Earth's leading industrial company. Moon Industries has only interest in the natural resources of the planet and they are a greedy organization. 2 years later another organization entered the planet's territory. A scientific research group, interested in any possible alien technology or rare natural resource found on the planet. Both organizations work under pressure while earth government tries to limit the areas the organizations can acquire. The lack of military or police on the new planet resulted into a battle (first only threats, later also saboutage strikes) between the organizations. At this point Earth sent Peacekeeping Forces to the planet to establish a peace between the two arguing sides. However, travelling to the new planet takes years, so the forces are too late and even have problems to hold their own ground on the planet. Moon Industries, being self-sufficient in industrial activity, cut all communication and trade between earth, while the research organization went for something even bolder, they resigned themselves of all earth alliances, creating their own small empire, and taking a hideous name Techno Wizards. They have invented new weapons from alien equipment that was found on the planet, so they can now hold their own in the battle. Not that three sides battling against each other wasn't enough, one more group lands on the planet right after the peacekeeping forces. This group consists of people that are interested only in making sure that the nature of the planet stays safe and well. They have support from their friends on earth, so even though their units might be light and take long to build, they're definitely cheap and affordable. So, to summarize, the four sides are:

Moon Industries - Heavy units and short buildtime are their forte, however, their units come at high price, especially radars and naval units.
Techno Wizards - They have a lot of technological accomplishments, although their units are mostly lightly armoured.
Peacekeeping Forces - They have mostly older earth technology, but they don't lack much in any other areas.
Nature Tech - Light units that take long to build. That's what Nature Tech is about. However, their units are quite cheap.


Current situation of the TC is that the Moon Industries is almost done, they lack only their naval forces and one defensive structure. I have also begun working on Techno Wizards' unit models already. For now I'm planning to give each side 30-32 units with mostly ground forces, and a few air and naval units. Each side will have a different build tree. For example, Moon Industries can build any factory right in the start, while Techno Wizards has a TA-like 3 level build tree. Everything is going to need a lot of balancing, so I hope I can get help from the community for the beta testing as well (this will happen once 2 sides are done). Whatever happens, I'm going to make at least two sides, but keep it a possibility that I don't have the time to go for more than two sides in the future.

Next: Screenshots of Moon Industries' units in action. Not all of the units are shown in these shots, to keep you excited. ;)


Various Moon Industries' units duke it out.

Another clash of titans... err light units actually.

The AI was hiding a big pile of tanks.

A combined AI attack. Quite a bunch.

More of the combined attack, they whacked me pretty good.

A set of units. This shot is quite old so it's missing some units.

Another AI attack, see the bomber that was just built.

AI can truly build a nice force from various units. Notice the Anti-Air units coming last as a backup.

Some build pictures revealed.

You ain't getting through here. That's 4 assault tanks and a Nightmare Bow I've got there.

Old screenshot. Some action.


Also, below is a list of Moon Industries' units (missing pictures of incomplete units). Before you go, let me explain the bonus system mentioned in the unit list. Each unit will have an offensive bonus (if carrying a weapon) against one other unit from each side. Right now, there are only bonuses against Moon Industries' units, but there will be one bonus against each side. Every unit has also a defensive bonus against one unit in the same way as in offensive bonus. Offensive bonus means 20% more damage against a unit, and defensive bonus 20% less damage from the bonus unit.

Moon Industries' unit list


That's it for now. It might be weeks before I have anything new in here, but for now, feel free to Mail me your thoughts, ideas, whatever

C&C:TA could still use more people. If you're interested and have confidence that you can add to the quality of the units done so far by us, then don't hesitate to mail Hitman Neverlose.