"Let the Earth die with its old fashioned idealisms, for we do not need history to make a bright future of industry!"

Moon Industries was the first organization to land on the new planet in means of creating industrial activity. Moon Industries, experienced in strong steel vehicles and vessels and industrial construction power, established great lines of business activity between Earth and the new planet. However, when the other organizations entered into the planet's territory, Moon Industries became greedy with the natural resources, which ended into territorial battle. Moon Industries can be said to be the one to start the great conflict on the planet, but none of the other organizations were interested in co-operating with each other either, so the new planet really just made everyone greedy. The new planet has no laws, so Moon Industries resigned from all Earth alliances creating its own small empire. Many of the people who worked for Moon Industries left after some saboutage strikes, but this didn't affect the organization nearly at all. All the power behind Moon Industries is in their extreme knowledge and arsenal of industrial machinery. Moon Industries works mostly with its own custom heavy ground forces, such as tanks and rocket launchers. They have few technologial accomplishments, but their units and structures are mostly heavily armored.
Moon Industries' tech tree is divided into light/agile units (built from Swift Factory) and heavy/long range units (built from Power Factory). Both factories can be built from the main constructor. The concept is not unfair due to the fact that both factories contain important units. In order to have good air defenses and powerful battle units both factories are required.


Advanced Metal Extractor
Expensive, both when built and used, this monster of a metal extractor hauls metal three times as effectively as a normal extractor. Uses up a lot of energy making it a better choice later in game.
Air Transport
Very handy on watery or mountainous battlefield. Don't drive your forces to your destination. Carry them! Quite slow but rather heavily armored, these are important units when planning tactical assaults.
Anti-Air Missile Car
One of the most important units on the battlefield. Moon Industries' only highly effective Anti-Air unit. Not as effective as the stationary version, but in small groups, these will make sure your forces won't be bothered by air attacks.
Anti-Air Missile Launcher
This should be one of your first defensive structures. Just one of these will keep your base clean of early air strikes.
When attacking through hilly areas the normal weapons tend to miss the target due to obstacles. In these situations, it is important to have Artilleries as backup. They're not as effective as Assault Tanks, but fire longer distance, ballistically. Effective at taking out small outposts and short range defensive structures.
Assault Tank
Expensive, but very powerful tank with a long range assault cannon. Together with battle tanks, these war machines can easily become victorious in any kind of battle. Assault Tank carries medium armor making it still quite vulnerable if used alone.
Bomber Plane
Strikes with a payload of 4 bombs with powerful effect. Expensive and cumbersome, but powerful. Use these when you're going to strike on an important target.
Command Vehicle - Level 1
The command vehicle of Moon Industries. Heavily armored, slow construction unit capable of constructing a wide range of structures. However, it is the only unit able to build structures such as Radar Tower which makes it a very valuable unit.
Energy Storage
If you like your game started with few resources, you'll need these. General storage facilities able to hold 1000 units of energy.
Flame Tank
Relying on a primitive battle element, fire, the Flame Tank carries twin short range flamethrowers. This unit is a choice between a Light Tank and the Light Attack Vehicle. Short range, high fire rate and considerable damage.
Gatling Gun
Standard early defense structure. In small groups these can form a formidable line of defense against units with short fire range.
Landing Pad
Quick repairs for your air units.
Light Attack Vehicle
The cheapest ground attack vehicle in Moon Industries' arsenal. Carries a heavy machinegun and works excellently at small scouting and harrasment missions.
Light Tank
If you go for a Swift Factory in the beginning you'll want to build a few of these to make sure you can move your constructors safely around. The cannon is light, but very effective against lightly armored units.
Mass Driver Turret

Medium range heavy defense turret. Modified version of an industrial design. Fires rocks at high speeds.
Medium Tank
Very original design and effective cannon make this a standard issue battle tank. Carries more fire power and armor than the Light Tank.
Metal Extractor
Just as the name tells, it's your everyday metal extractor. Rather expensive, but important part of your base as long as you can't afford higher level extractors.
Metal Storage
If you like your game started with few resources, you'll need these. General storage facilities able to hold 1000 units of metal.
Nightmare Bow
An experimental plasma cannon design brought from Earth. Fires liquid plasma balls that explode on impact. The fire range is extensive and devastating. Although the reload time is long, these easily become your main line of defense.
Power Factory - Level 2
Builds the main battle units. Moon Industries relies mostly on units armed with cannons, but there's a rocket launcher and a bombing plane on Power Factory's menu to make the arsenal wide.
Power Plant
A small fusion reactor enhanced with special cooling systems. Creates 100 units of energy, enough to feed even more power-hungry structures. Heavily armored.
Still under work. Creates local earthquakes.
Radar Dome
Moon industries has no extensive knowledge in radars, so this bigger radar is huge and expensive. It carries some heavy armor making it a tough target.
Radar Tower
Expensive and weak radar structure with minimal range. Radars are not Moon Industries' area of interest, so the technology seems to get expensive. These should be covered well, considering the low armour it offers.
Repair & Secondary Construction Vehicle - Level 2
Fast at repairing and reclaiming. This unit can also build, including level 1 resource units and storages, although these versions of the buildings take 3 times as long to build. You can call it your secondary constructor.
Rocket Launcher
Rather lightly armored rocket launching unit. Ideal choice for backup or hitting on defensive buildings.
Scout Chopper
Unarmed, for scouting missions only. They work also well as decoy units drawing enemy fire while your heavier units move in.
Solar Power Station
Efficient but weak energy producers. Creates 20 units of energy, able to run for example 2 Metal Extractors. Later on you'll replace these with Power Plants, but until that time comes, remember to have enough of these to feed your energy-hungry structures.
Spike Trap

Built by the Trap Constructor. This trap inflicts serious damage on any wheeled vehicles and infantry. Hover units are not affected by it, and treaded vehicles receive only minimal damage. Without a detonator device, these can't be blown up by EMP minesweepers.
Standard Issue Mine

Built by the Trap Constructor. This cheap mine inflicts mediocre damage to the units that get too close. This mine is available for every faction.
Strike Chopper
Armed with rocket pods, these units have been proven to be excellent against lightly armored or retreating units. They won't take much Anti-Air fire so make sure the area is clear before you strike. Also the rockets tend to miss the target at times.
Swift Factory - Level 2
Cheap factory that produces light and fast units for mostly scouting and defensive operations. Builds a few important units such as Anti-Air Missile Car and Repair Vehicle, so you don't want to miss building this factory.
Tech Truck - Level 2
Important part of your base. These units can build factories and two very important structures: Nightmare Bow and Advanced Metal Extractor.
Trap Constructor - Level 2

Constructs mines and traps. Fast, wheeled unit with light armor. In addition to the construction equipment, this unit is armed with a light machinegun.


More units to come!