"Behold! The domination of the world is no longer a B-movie story!"

Technowizards consists of small group of mad, but skilled scientists, who want to make the new planet their private laboratory for alien research. They possess some extremely powerful technology, but their lack of mining equipment prevents them from creating invincible machinery. Technowizards have no naval forces, but they can still act over seas with several hover units, including the main constructor. Technowizards' weaponry includes lasers, shock guns and rockets, along with some less powerful earth technology. When acquiring new areas, Technowizards must build their factories from lowest techology to the highest in order. In other words, the more resources and factories they can make, the more powerful their arsenal gets. Never underestimate their weaponry or unit capabilities because that could be fatal. Technowizards is also very dependant on energy production because lasers, hover units and high level factories require a lot of it to be built and operated. This weakness could be used against them.
Technowizards have a tech tree that resembles TA's three level system. The order of the plants is Tech Lab (level 1) > Tech Center (level 2) > Alien Tech Center (Level 3). Essentially Level 1 supports basic technologies, while Level 2 includes such as heavier lasers and radars. Level 3 includes technologies like Cloak, Stealth and Radar Jamming.


Air-To-Air Fighter
Technowizards' main air defense unit outside base perimeters. Fast aircraft armed with two air to air missiles. Its sole purpose is to prevent air strikes. Rather lightly armored, but the speed makes up for it. 
Alien Tech Center - Level 3

High tech facility. Allows construction of units with features like stealth and cloak.
Anti-Air Laser Turret
Fast firing, although not very accurate, these weapons can take out slower air units like helicopters or gunships. To attack faster aircraft, use Air to Air Fighters or Missile Launchers.
Air Tower

A rare type of unit that combines air repair pad and light anti-air defense into one handy structure. Aircraft are repaired at flying altitude speeding up repair process, while the attached short range missile launcher provides cover from sudden air raids.
Advanced Metal Miner
Not as efficient as other factions' high tech extractors, but still very good at enhancing metal income when needed.
Cloakable Rocket Launcher
This enhanced version of a standard earth rocket launcher can cloak itself for a small amount of energy.
EMP Mine

Built by the Hover Minelayer. Rather expensive for a mine, the EMP mine emits a large EMP wave upon detonation. Units caught in the wave get paralyzed for a period of time.
Energy Storage
A standard storage facility. Stores 1000 units of energy. 
Gun Car

The Gun Car is the cheapest armed unit in Technowizards' arsenal. Customized from old Earth weaponry, this unit is cheap to produce and easily on par with heavy machinegun units. Lightly armored, but fast, the Gun Car may become essential part of your early harrasment squads.
Partially alien technology, the Gunship is equipped with two plasma guns. The plasma is quite light due to technological restrictions. This doesn't mean that the Gunships would be useless. They're comparable to Moon Industries' Strike Choppers.
Hover HQ - Level 1
The leading scientists control this big hovercraft that contains a lot of delicate and powerful equipment. The hovercraft itself is not very well armored for a commanding unit, but when the time to reatreat comes, the hover ability along with speed will cover the lack of defenses.
Hover Minelayer

Built from the Alien Tech Center, this unit builds mines. Although serving no other purpose, the hover ability grants it certain freedoms at creating minefields beyond watery areas.
Hover Rocket Launcher
Excellent for naval reconnaisance missions or raids at enemy flanks. The rockets are light and the range very short, so it is best to use them in groups.
Hover Scout
Small, fast and agile hovercraft armed with a light laser. As a scout over the seas it is extremely useful, and the weapon shouldn't be underestimated as it is almost as powerful as the one of Light Laser Tank.
Hover Shock Tank
Hover version of the lower level shock tank. With some extra speed and hover ability, this unit is your escort over the seas. Very useful against naval units, like ships. Shock gun's effect lasts the standard 8 seconds.
Hover Tech Tank - Level 3

Constructor built from Tech Center. Builds Advanced Metal Miner, Alien Tech Center and several lower level structures.
Laser Power Plant
A combination of earth and alien technology. Powerful laser beams are reflected endlessly between two generators that gather the extra energy produced into usable form. The construction energy cost is quite high but it is needed to start the plant.
Light Laser Battery
Cheapest defensive building in Technowizards' arsenal. Provides firepower against low-level attacks. These are also good backup defenses because light lasers don't require energy to be fired.
Light Laser Tank
Tough looking, but quite weak tank armed with a light laser cannon. Basically a mobile version of the Light Laser Battery. However, it only has one barrel, which requires some extra time to cool down making the fire rate slower than in the stationary version. Range and damage are also smaller.
Medium Laser Battery
If you plan to expand your defenses to higher levels, you are going to need these. Fire range is slightly longer than in the light laser battery, and the damage is nearly twice the amount. Almost as weak as the light battery since no extra material is used to construct these.
Medium Laser Tank
Technowizards' main battle tank, definitely. Offers considerable armor and is equipped with an effective laser. Back them up with Missile Launchers and you got yourself a deadly squad.
Metal Miner
Desperately trying to haul metal with two metal screws the Technowizards' Metal Miner is not as effective as other extractors, but it still provides a considerable amount of raw metal to setup a good base. 
Metal Storage
A standard storage facility. Stores 1000 units of metal.
Missile Launcher
Probably one of the most useful units in Technowizards' arsenal. The missiles it fires are upgraded versions of older earth technology. It can take on both ground and air units, although the damage to air units is not much compared to Anti-Air weaponry. Fire range is very long.
Plasma Artillery

Technowizards have customized Earth's experimental plasma cannons into an artillery version. Fairly powerful plasma balls are fired ballistically at the enemy. Long range and fair mobility make this a dangerous unit at hilly terrain.
Radar Tower
Out of all Radar Towers Technowizards' version has the longest range. The only radar that has slightly longer range is Moon Industries' Radar Dome. Compared to the Radar Dome, however, this structure comes at a bargain price. One of the most cost effective structures in the game.
Recon Car
Technowizards' technology allows high speeds even from the lowest level lab. However, this speed comes with a price, which is deducted from the turn rate. Even though the Recon Car is extremely fast, it can't turn fast. This unit is also unarmed.
Stealth AA Laser Tank
This unit is equipped with an alien stealth system. Hiding these along the battlefield can prove useful to remove any potential aerial threats. Carries limited armor and can't take on faster aircraft, just like the stationary version.
Shock Tank
Shock Tanks hold off the enemy while other units suppress fire. Shock Tank is equipped with a Shock Gun that on impact freezes any unit for 8 seconds preventing enemy from returning fire or retreating.
Shock Turret
Covering your main defenses with these will prevent close quarter units from attacking. Shock turret is equipped with a paralyzing shock gun, and can completely prevent one unit from moving or firing. 
Solar Panel
Small solar panel that creates a small amount of energy. Technowizard commanders will definitely create packs of these at first in order to run all the delicate technology built later on. One Solar Panel creates 10 units of energy. Very weak due to simple structure, so guard them well.
Standard Issue Mine

Built by the Hover Minelayer. This cheap mine inflicts mediocre damage to the units that get too close. This mine is available for every faction.
Tech Center - Level 2
Constructs most of Technowizards' main battle units, such as Medium Laser Tanks and Missile Launchers, as well as the Hover Tech Tank that can build even higher tech equipment.
Tech Lab - Level 1
The lowest level factory Technowizards can build. The units provided are mostly designed for scouting and early defending.
Tech Truck - Level 2
Big box of technology. Tech Truck can build some very important buildings such as medium laser batteries, radars, laser power plants and of course, the next level factory, the Tech Center.