The game was explored out, all strategies found out. It was still good but the feel of those new strategies found in the early stages of playing the game had faded. Arm and Core were pumping out new units all the time, but that never gave the same enjoyment as the Core Contingency pack. Something had to be done. While searching for the mysterious Alien Beacon, Arm took a leap in its technology. New terrifying weapons and systems were created. Arm would have virtually taken the lead. But before the Arm had left the planet with the new technology, Core managed to make a surprise attack and all of the new equipment was lost. Except for one little escape pod which had managed to leave the planet undamaged and fully operational. There was no crew on board, just machines with the new level data. All that was left of that Arm installation, was on this lonely pod...

"Roger on that!",captain Smith of the 2nd Brawler squad talked to the radio and ordered the rest of his squad to attack the nearby group of Mortys. "Let's show them what we can do!". They attacked but were unable to destroy all of the Mortys because of the new Copperheads that just arrived. Two Brawlers were lost. But that wasn't all. While returning to base, a squad of Vamps reached them and hit the captain's craft. He ordered the squad to make evasive maneuvers and try to head back to base. Smith was full of this situation, when Core was winning the war, he turned his craft and headed straight to the Core base, nothing but revenge in mind. He decided to kamikaze the Core Commander. But of course that was impossible and Smith ended up crash landing to Core's Galactic Gate. The gate was just committing a transfer operation and Smith vanished in the Gate...
Smith's brawler crashed surprisingly safely in an oolok tree. Smith climbed out of his craft and when he had jumped down from the tree, he thought about how lucky he was to land on a planet with oxygen to breath. He barely had finished his thought when a dark shadow fell upon him. He turned and there it was, a huge vehicle. After 5 seconds staring at it he was thinking why it didn't fire. Then he realized it. This tank looked so familiar, like a Bulldog, only with one barrel. Smith saw more unidentified vehicles coming behind a hill. These looked like Lugers. He stared at them amazed for a moment and thought they are definitely Arm's. He climbed on the tank and reached the control room, but freezed in fear when seeing an A.K piloting it. A.K's head turned to him and the humanoid machine started to speak. "Welcome, we have been waiting for you". Smith couldn't believe his eyes. "Please sit down, I'll take you to the base". They started moving. After thirty minutes driving, Smith stared outside amazed as he saw a factory, a new kind of, big and modern...
With the A.K as a guide Smith walked towards a vehicle with construction striping on it. It was building something but Smith couldn't recognize it. Next he saw a spinning huge radar. All this in less than one hour was too much, Smith had to sit down.A.K asked immediately, "have your gears broken down?"."No, this all is new to me, I never thought we at Arm could build that kind of machines.", Smith said with silent voice. "That is why we must move now!", the A.K ordered. You must meet the HEAD. "And who the hell, is THAT?", Smith asked. A.K turned and started moving and ordered "Come on!". They continued walking and after they had passed the next hill, Smith saw something. Something he recognized. Old escape module, X-11 class one. "I thought none of those ever left the 'lost planet'.". "Is that the...", "HEAD", A.K finished Smith's question. They continued walking.
Inside the pod was a computer. A sturdy old control panel and another A.K. Before Smith said a word the other A.K started talking. "At last. You have arrived. I thought this to be an endless wait for a dream to come true." At this moment Smith knew this wasn't just an ordinary A.K. It had a pure mind of an Arm member. It continued talking. "I know you are about to ask where we are and who we are, but I'm sure you can find an answer to both questions. Just look outside and use your brains. You still have the real ones". Smith looked outside and saw two new interesting designs. A huge metal extractor and a new kbot, which was so close to a Spider. Then it all became clear. Smith turned and asked, "level 3? Is this it, the old legend of the secret Arm technology?". "Yes.", the A.K answered. "Then this must be the so-called 'lost planet', but shouldn't this be full of Core units?", Smith was mixed up. "Yes, this is the secret research planet and Core has abandoned it long ago. We have a galactic gate but without proper coordinates we can't go anywhere. We hope you to have your base's coordinates.". "YES, I HAVE THEM!"
The 2nd Brawler squadron had made it home safe, except for one poor pilot that couldn't stand Vamp's missiles. Harry Jackson, the man now commanding the squadron felt sad that his old friend, and world's best pilot Smith had died in action. Losing the air power Arm was now sure to lose the war in this sector. All pilots were ordered to meet at headquarters and get ready to be boarded on an escape pod. All mobile units were ordered to protect the area at all costs. The pods stood on the shore ready to be launched any moment. Core's Goliaths were already bombarding the Moho Mines and the Fusion plant was gone. Pilots were already boarded on the escape pods and they were about to leave, when there was loud banging noise. Harry went out first, after 10 seconds he yelled the others to come out. They all stood there watching it. The galactic gate was surrounded with huge units, they were firing at the Core units, and not just firing, but destroying. Harry had a feel of danger and looked behind him. A crab-like machine was standing there pointing him with its 'scissors'. Harry was sure that they're going to die. But suddenly it lowered its weapons and a door opened on top of it. A human was inside it. When Harry recognized the face, a smile rose upon his face. "I'm back, and I've got reinforcements!", Smith stood there in the control room and looked in the horizon where Goliath pieces flew through the air. There in the light of sun, he was standing. A hero. Hero from the past or from the future. He surely had changed the history.









And lastly I want say:

The units I've done here were made in quite a hurry, but they should mechanically work perfectly. Only thing that hasn't been done yet, is the balancing test. I only tested these units against AI and I'm not sure how fair or useful they are against human opponent. And even though some of them look like cavedog's models, but I have done them all from scratch. I only copied the cavedog style to create more compatible units. Some clowny textured old DCS units won't go in with Cavedog units. The story shows how well I can write english. It's not my primary language so it's full of errors, I know. I'm going to need a lot of feedback and support. If you really like the units, the least things I'm asking you to do is to send me a short feedback and vote for Unlimited Units on Unit Universe's Unit of the week or at the TA top 100 in the main frame.