Here's a quick list of new available units and main strategies. To see the pictures and such you should download the new level 3 tech pack. It really is worth it. All units were designed to look like close to the level 2 versions, if existing. So take a look:

Arm Extreme Vehicle Plant builds the new level 3 vehicles or kbots (like level 2 had Spider). It's expensive and takes some time to build but is worth it. The new techs need resources but they have the power to pay back.

Arm Extreme Construction Vehicle builds the new level 3 (or is it 4 even?) buildings that are much more powerful and productive than the lower level structures.

Arm Amph should be pretty familiar to those that have seen our units before. The Amph is an amphibious tank that carries a heavy laser. Short range but high fire rate make this an effective unit, but it's still poorly armored.

Arm Prophet is that what Core has had but Arm hasn't. A tank with a goliath cannon. Prophet is a bit better than Goliath in every way but the cost is also higher.

Arm Blinder is the advanced radar jammer vehicle, which can jam almost twice the area of a Jammer. Otherwise it's pretty close to its predecessor.

Arm Tutor fires long distances with quite slow fire rate. That means it's an artillery unit moving the same paths as Luger but Tutor is not just long ranged, it's also effective.

Arm Crab is actually a kbot but its huge size requires construction by a vehicle plant, just like with Spider. The Crab is amphibious, its main duty is to keep shorelines clean of enemy units, it has a small torpedo launcher mounted on its back and a short range lightning gun to survive on land.

Arm Ocular sees far as it has longer radar than on any other mobile unit.

Arm Reliever is simply a longer range version of Merl with some more armour too.

Arm Extreme Radar Station provides you with almost limitless radar vision, except on bigger maps.

Arm Molecule Power Plant produces 4000 energy. It changes the molecule forms of ground minerals so that they can be used as power. Almost any material can be turned into energy.

Arm Core Mine hauls the metal deeper from the planet's Core. Use it when Moho isn't enough.

Arm Big Bang fires a powerful nuclear shell longer than the Big Bertha. The reloadtime is long and the energy cost per shot is 5000 so you might need a storage before firing.

Arm Armageddon is the weapon that should be feared by both sides. The name says it all. This weapon is ten times as powerful as a nuke with ten times the range which means basically that if you ever get it done, and fired, the enemy is no more. But there is a danger that if the building is destroyed the nuke inside explodes. It's not as effective as when fired but the wideness and damage is still 4/5 of the full power. Build this only if you are sure it won't be a problem to yourself.

Arm Controller is a pop-up anti-air missile launcher which fires the fastest missiles in the game. They can even hit on faster fighters. It naturally becomes more inaccurate when enemy is further away but if you really need to get planes down then forget the old pulverizers and use these. Remember: Only fires at air units.


And never let the enemy destroy any of these structures, the units like Molecule power plant and Big Bang make a Commander size explosion when destroyed.