Early attack from an AI. AI's air harrasment attempts.
I was able to blow up that Laser Power Plant and escape. Close call though. ;) AI's weakness is too small attack squads. They did have plenty of them though.
This passage doesn't look too safe. (And it wasn't) The blue AI keeps pressing on my dear assault force.
So there WAS another Moon Industries AI. Probably stuck or something. After this battle I had only 2 units left in the squad. Artillery and Missile Launcher.

The final battle against the blue AI. That base was heavily defended. Lovely.

Finishing off an AI base with Technowizard units.
All Technowizard units done so far. Took the units from the left screenshots on a rampage.
Interesting situation. Three sides fighting. A nice Moon Industries battle.
A small AI attack from behind. See the Anti-Air laser turrets? :) Doing some raiding. Stealth AA Laser Tank in the middle.
More Raiding. This group is lead by a Shock Tank. Description is in the picture. And see the Tech truck at the bottom.
Resource Hungry AI Arctic Mayhem
A tiny AI attack Lots of 'em...
Let's rock. Being chased.
A small raiding party. See the Tech Lab? Cool, eh? ;)
Two AIs having an uneven battle.
Hover Rocket Launchers on a test stroll. A set of some of Technowizards' units.
AI doing something really stupid. :P
Various Moon Industries' units duke it out. Another clash of titans... err light units actually.
The AI was hiding a big pile of tanks. A combined AI attack. Quite a bunch.
More of the combined attack, they whacked me pretty good. A set of units. This shot is quite old so it's missing some units.
Another AI attack, see the bomber that was just built. AI can truly build a nice force from various units. Notice the Anti-Air units coming last as a backup.
Some build pictures revealed. You ain't getting through here. That's 4 assault tanks and a Nightmare Bow I've got there.
Old screenshot. Some action.