Dune:TA is a total conversion (TC) for Total Annihilation. That means your TA can be changed to Dune 2 with few files. Arm will be Atreides and Core is Harkonnen. Ordos is left out because of problems with creating a third side and the Deviator missile launcher which should "capture" units for some time. Dune:TA also works with AI players, though AI is not the best possible opponent. Dune:TA has 1 map with the ufo.

! DUNE:TA is no longer updated !

Installing Dune:TA:

Step 1

Make sure you have TA installed without any other 3rd party units.

Step 2

Download latest DTA.zip HERE.

Step 3

Unzip the file DuneTA.ufo from the zip to your TA dir.

Step 4

If you don't have a subdir Gamedata in your TA dir then create one. Unzip files sidedata.tdf and sound.tdf there.

Step 5

Now you can play Dune:TA against AI or a human opponent. The AI isn't very clever opponent but at least it does something. The best way to get a good game is to wait a few minutes for the AI to build some defenses. AI is very addicted to metal (eh...Spice) and it's always after new deposits. Anyway you can also play against human opponents, which is a lot harder. Don't underestimate the AI tho.

(Step 6)

In TA options menu, disable shading or the walls and some other buildings might have black and white faces.

(Step 7)

We recommend Bordu map made by Padington. It's small but fits in with its style. Get it from TAMEC. The latest DTA.zip should also contain a map made by using the Bordu tileset. You should be able to play Dune:TA on any map but we recommend desert maps because Dune:TA units were textured to fit on desert maps.


1. Use mapping as Unmapped and Line Of Sight as Permanent.

2. Use starting Credits of 1500-2500 and energy as 1000 or below.

3. Give AI players some time to build their forces.

4. Use both Atreides and Harkonnen players in the same game.

5. Play on a Desert map. Not too hilly and no water.

6. It's basically Dune2 copy so play on that mood. :)


Step 1

Delete gamedata.tdf and sound.tdf from the gamedata dir of your TA directory.

Step 2

Delete the DuneTA.ufo from your TA directory.

(Step 3)

If you still have anything Dune:TA related in your TA, contact US. This should not be possible but there is always a chance that someone messes something up...