These units are not balanced to fit in a normal TA game. They will eventually change a lot in future and all the units will be Early Betas first, then change to a Beta, then First Release, Almost Final and Final. Right now all units are built by GDI Weapons Factory and structures by Arm Commander. Don't take that Current State thing too seriously, it just shows which units have bad weapons or need fixing or something...

Unit: Side: Description:
GDI Fast All-Terrain Attack Vehicle armed with a machine-gun.
GDI Medium Battle Tank, M1A1 Abrams
GDI MLRS Rocket Launcher. Used against light/air units.
GDI Orca attack aircraft with beta weapon
GDI Mammoth Tank is armed with twin 120mm cannons and rockets.
NOD Flamethrower Infantry, effective against infantry, light units and structures.
NOD Chem Warriors have a powerful Chemical sprayer that inflicts almost double damage when compared to the Flamethrower.
NOD Mobile Artillery firing Ballistic Charges. Good against infantry.
NOD Light Tank, M2-F Bradley
NOD Tank equipped with missiles and invisibilty. (Cloaking)
NOD Light, but fastest attack vehicle in C&C:TA. Armed with rockets.
NOD Nod's equivalent to the GDI Hum-Vee. A bit weaker.
NOD Heavy long range laser tower. Consumes a lot of energy!
NOD Heavy defence turret.
NOD Produces Nod's infantry units.
GDI GDI's most expensive unit. Advanced Communications Center is the uplink to the orbital Ion Cannon. The Ion Cannon isn't available yet, but once it does, it will be a sight to see. Right now it has only a bit bigger radar.
GDI Manufactures GDI's vehicles
GDI Defensive structure against infantry and light vehicles
GDI Defensive Rocket Launcher
GDI Helicopter construction and repair site. Builds Orca.
GDI Builds GDI's Infantry units. Equivalent to the Nod's Hsnd of Nod
BOTH Minigunner Infantry is the basic infantry built by Hand of Nod and upcoming GDI Barracks.
BOTH Harvests Tiberium crystals and turns into credits. Put it on patrol on the tiberium field and it should slowly harvest on its own. Very C&C like.
BOTH C&C:TA's commander unit. The picture is edited from the C&C's MCV picture.
BOTH Communications Center. In C&C it enabled minimap. In this TC it works as small radar structure.
BOTH Converts tiberium to credits. (Extracts metal). It can't delploy a harvester yet.
BOTH Power Plant, produces 100 energy
BOTH Advanced Power Plant, produces 200 energy
BOTH Stores 1500 credits of refined tiberium




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