MAP NO MORE AVAILABLE - Hitman Neverlose - 07/03/2000


The CNC-TA test map 1 is no more downloadable, it was taking too much server space to be kept on the temporary server. If you for some odd reason want the map, email me, and I'll see what I can do to send it to you.

CLOSED - Hitman Neverlose - 01/30/2000


C&C:TA is now officially closed. For full briefing on the situation, check the _UU_ main news.

HALTED - Hitman Neverlose - 01/20/2000


The project is currently halted. For more info, check the Unlimited Units Main news page.

STAYIN' ALIVE - Hitman Neverlose - 01/12/2000


I must say that I really don't know where the project is going right now. Firagon seems to be the most active worker right now, he sent me the latest Nod Airstrip model and the unit sounds, so for the next update you might have new sounds and the Nod Airstrip. I'm just too lazy working with TA that I just haven't done anything. Nothing for the C&C:TA


Like I said, Firagon sent me the model, I textured it quickly and here's what it looks like. I took the screenshot from a different angle to make it look cooler. :)

FINALLY! - Hitman Neverlose - 01/02/2000


Yup, it's here. With new units and a working AI, it should make you happy for another few days, so I can start working on the Unlimited Creations mentioned on the _UU_ main news. I must warn you though, the AI isn't balanced to use the units, so if Nod AI builds a Hand of Nod in the beginning, you will soon have tens of flame throwers and chem warriors after you. It's not a big problem to the player, but the AI just uses most of its resources on the infantry, leaving the rest of the game of the AI a hell.

The new pack contains all of these changes:

-Communication Center (for both GDI and Nod)
-Advanced Communication Center (Without working Ion Cannon)
-AI that actually builds stuff. :)
-C&C main menu music (or humming...or whatever it should be called)
-Moveinfo.tdf to reduce units going over each other in the game. (They still do though, so I need to work with the groundplates a bit more.)
-Fixed weapon damages (most due to the upcoming separate sides. The communication centers don't have right damage values, they might be tougher or weaker to destroy)
-Temporary Weapons Factory for Nod.
-You can now play with either GDI (Arm) or Nod (Core).
-Some other small things, that I don't remember...


So, go to the Units page and download the latest CNC-TA.ZIP with all the changes I mentioned above.

SORRY! - Hitman Neverlose - 12/29/99


Sorry, but I just couldn't get the millenium release done for today. I'm trying to get it done tomorrow or at least during the weekend. I'm trying to get the Ion Cannon working ya know. And since the Airstrip is not ready yet, I have to give Nod a temporary factory to build units. Sorry about this, I've just been busy with other stuff...

1 DAY TO MILLENIUM RELEASE - Hitman Neverlose - 12/29/99


I will be updating this list of things coming to the release that is done right before the end of the year (in case Y2K strikes :P). These things are 100% sure to come.
-Communication Center
-Advanced Communication Center (With or Without Ion Cannon)
-AI that actually builds stuff. :)
-C&C main menu music (or humming...or whatever it should be called)
-Moveinfo.tdf to reduce units going over each other in the game.
-Fixed weapon damages (most due to the upcoming separate sides)

GET READY! - Hitman Neverlose - 12/18/99


Christmas holidays are here! And we will celebrate the christmas and the new millenium soon with the new version of C&C:TA and it MIGHT include any or all of the below things:
-Fixed APC. I heard there's a new fix available somewhere!
-Working AI. Yes! I know how to fix it already. :)
-Communication Centre. As soon as Firagon gets the model done.
-GDI and NOD as separate sides. (=Nod will have its own MHQ)
-Nod Airstrip (No separate sides without it)
-Some other new units, maybe?

This version will be released within the next 2 weeks, so keep checking back. :)

OOPS - Hitman Neverlose - 12/14/99


Whoops, the link to the map was invalid, but it's fixed now. There might be some problems with the file itself, but it SHOULD work now...


I received a report mail from Firagon and he said that he'll send the rest of the sound files and make the communication center models after this week, when his school ends. I hope the christmas holidays finally boost up the project...

OK THEN, HERE YA GO! - Hitman Neverlose - 12/13/99


To speak the truth I've done nothing with the C&C-TA stuff in few days, and harvester and tibeirum have actually been quite ready for some time now. Anyway, I decided to upload the latest CNC-TA.ZIP with the Harvester and tiberium in it. There is also the same test map as I used, downloadable at the Other page so that you can actually try out reclaiming some tiberium. Try putting Harvester on patrol over the field, and it should slowly reclaim the tiberium, like it did in C&C. :) The Harvester is built by the Weapons factory for now.


Now with the Harvester and some tiberium crystals (7 different kinds of feature objects) Go get the latest CNC-TA.ZIP at the Units page.

And get the first C&C-TA test map with the new tiberium at the Other Page.


I decided to remove those unit states on the Units page. It's hard to say what unit is beta and what goes perfectly in future...So, no more beta or such versions. All the units except for the Orca work almost perfectly, so there is no sense in using extra time in thinking the state of the unit...

SPREADING... - Hitman Neverlose - 12/10/99


I have made the first versions, and a small map with them, but not for release yet. I also have to balance the Harvester first before I release it. I'm trying to get both the tiberium and harvester done this weekend, and hopefully a map with the tiberium to actually try it out. Here's a sample of the tiberium crystals. I'm yet to decide the look of the tiberium strains where the refineries will be placed, but the crystals look like this:

Yeah, the brown was a bit darker in C&C, but does it matter that much, really? BTW, does anyone know how to make a unit to patrol by itself and reclaim the stuff in the area by itself? Harvesters will require that, so there should be either a default unit option or a command given in the game. So...anyone? Any ideas?


A full screen screenshot of all the current units in CNC-TA. :) Click on the thumbnail below to view the real thing:

The map is the test map I made. I might include something like that in the pack next time I update.

ALIVE AND KICKING! - Hitman Neverlose - 12/07/99


I forced myself to make the Harvester model, and after a few hours painful work (Harvester is not made from just simple boxes, ya know) I have the model ready...at least so far it is ready. I will start messing with it soon, and make the long awaited tiberium to get some use for it. :)


I received a message from pOOPsHIP who has made a beta review of CNC-TA. He did quite much like I asked for in the _UU_ news a while back. Anyway, check out the review and the few screenshots on the page. Link is below:

CNC-TA beta review by pOOPsHIP

UMM... - Hitman Neverlose - 11/30/99


Sorry, for the lack of work on the conversion, but it's just the fault of my shorter days. I'm also lacking the interest now, for some odd reason...I have some news though. The APC might be just a little tweak away from working. I'm gonna try that later. I might have some chances of getting the Harvester more useful unit, by disabling the normally automatic repair button that appears when giving the reclamater ability. I will try to go around it with GUI files, and I'm not sure if it's completely possible in this case, but anyway, those are next possible units. Thanks for Ponytail for the newstip on this.

BEEN BUSY AGAIN... - 11/23/99


This was rather easy to make so I decided to get past it and here it is. It is basically the same as Nod's Hand of Nod but for GDI. IT builds the Minigunner for now, but there will be new units for it in future, such as Grenadier. Anyway, I don't have a screenshot at this time, so just


The Barracks is with it now, so go get it right away! Oh, BTW, that special announcement in the previous news doesn't mean that you MUST have another TA installed for C&C:TA. But don't start asking me help if you have other TA stuff in the same directory. And now get the latest CNC-TA.ZIP at the Units page.

ALRIGHT I'M BACK! - 11/19/99


C&C:TA gets 2 new units, the Nod Chem warrior and GDI's (also Nod's later) Mobile Headquarters.

The Chem warrior is like a boosted up flamethrower which makes more damage to vehicles, and the same as flamethrower, on infantry. It , however, has less speed and 'armor' than Flamethrower infantry.

Mobile Headquarters will be the C&C:TA's commander unit. Quite tough but slow, this unit has no weapons, but can build structures fast and produces a little amount of energy by itself so that it can keep up a Barracks or something without a power plant. More info on this in the below news, but before it, a screenshot:


Instead of just usual updates the C&C:TA has new files in it. I split the C&C-TA.ufo into two parts, the C&C-TA.ufo and Sounds.ufo to make it easier for me, as funny as it might sound. There are also 2 new TDF files which are placed in the Gamedata subdirectory (See the file in the C&C-TA.zip for instructions on how to install). The sound.tdf file will later on have info on the sounds of the units and for now it only has the stealth tank cloaking sound in it. The sidedata.tdf will change the starting unit to the GDI Mobile Headquarters for both sides. And now to a special announcement:

C&C:TA will no longer be supported when used with other third party units, not even with our normal TA units. You must have another TA installed to another directory for C&C:TA. The reason for this: Lack of Weapon and Unit IDs, any other possible problems with using multiple units, and the move into the Mobile Headquarters.

If you didn't understand something or just have something to say or ask, please Mail me now, and not later, please! Let's keep things on time here, ok?

And now for the C&C-TA.ZIP. Go get it at the Units page!


Now has a mission for the original C&C. You can test the original units to see if they are close enough to the C&C:TA's. You need the Covert Operations addon to play this.

SURPRISE! - Hitman Neverlose - 11/14/99


Firagon sent me the model and I decided to finish it, now that I have some extra free time...anyway the GDI Advanced Guard Tower is a Defensive rocket launcher tower that is used against light units and aircraft. Below is a screenshot of it, and it's now in the latest CNC-TA.ZIP.


I could've had this here 2 days ago, but I forgot it so it's a bit late...anyway it's done now. It's in the latest CNC-TA.ZIP and it is built from Hand of Nod. Below is a screenshot:


Updated! Now with Advanced Guard Tower and Flamethrower Infantry. Get it at the Units page. Following things have also been updated:
-Minigunner's weapon range increased
-MLRS' model is now a bit taller
-Obelisk of Light's weapon accuracy and speed increased
-Guard Tower's weapon accuracy and speed increased
-Miscellaneous small fixes

BUSY... - Hitman Neverlose - 11/11/99


I've been very busy lately, but within the next 2 weeks, the project will boost up again, hopefully. I have a lot of college exams and such right now, and I'm working on a normal TA unit...don't know yet, but I might give that to the Unit-making contest on Annihilated. Haven't heard of it? Go check it out at Annihilated.com. It's a few posts below, under the topic "Do you think you have the skills, unit maker?" It was first planned for TA:K but a TA one is going on all the time. For more info check the post.

LOTS OF STUFF!!! - Hitman Neverlose - 11/06/99


Finally completed it! Now that it's done, it'll be a lot easier to make Flamethrower and Chem Warrior infantry, as they look quite close to the minigunner, just with the gas tanks in their back. Anyway the minigunner is C&C:TA's basic infantry, cheap and useful, but when attacking heavy units, they will need support from bazooka infantry or vehicles in bigger battles, but they fight well against infantry and light units and structures. Below are few screeshots of them in action. The Minigunner infantry is built by Hand of Nod, for now, and there's more info on it below. Naturally the Minigunner will also be available in GDI's Barracks when we get it done.


It was easy to make because the model was done before, so it only took me hour or two to finish it. For now it'll build all C&C:TA's infantry but when we get GDI's Barracks done, some infantry will move there. But for now infantry is built from the Hand of Nod. Pic below:

I haven't counted the damages that it gets from weapons yet, but I'll do it later.


Updated! Now with Hand of Nod and Minigunner. Get it at the Units page.


There are some important news on our main News page, so go check it out!

MAMMOTH ARRIVES - Hitman Neverlose - 11/03/99


Sorry, I've a been a bit busy lately, but I had time to get this up and running, though it still has some things in it that might need changing. But, just go get the latest CNC-TA.zip with the GDI X66 Mammoth Tank. Screenshot below:


Updated! Now with the GDI Mammoth Tank! Get it at the Units page.


Missed some news? Go see the Old News page for last month's news.